No blog post about the future trends of ICT is complete without the mention of Internet of things. You might have heard people talking about it in online forums or probably in seminars held at university after all there is a lot of fuss about this concept that seems to have just sprung out out … Continue reading TREND 8 :INTERNET OF THINGS



THE HUMAN BRAIN : Energy efficient, compact and the ultimate computer DAWN OF A NEW AGE : limitations of existing hardware Since the dawn of the computer age researchers and scientists alike have been trying to improve the computer and get it to function more efficiently and more purposefully. The computer has evolved over the … Continue reading TREND 7 :BRAIN-LIKE SYSTEMS

Trend 6: Smart Machines

Smart Machines are intelligent devices which use machine to machine (M2M) technology. These machines include robots, self-driving cars, self-adaptive systems and other cognitive machines. These machines are capable of making decisions on their own without any human intervention. Smart Machines come in a two mainstream categories, physical and virtual. Virtual smart machines include Face and … Continue reading Trend 6: Smart Machines

Trend 5: The New IT Reality Emerges

IT Reality is one of the latest strategic trends of this era. It has to do a lot with IT and there are many many projects on which work is being done. It basically deals with the gathering and processing of information using computing. The trends on which work is being done include¬†Cloud Computing, Software … Continue reading Trend 5: The New IT Reality Emerges

Trend 3: Eye Tracking

The Eye : A primary source of information Well the title is pretty self-explanatory in that this particular concept deals with all things related to the activity of the eye. It is believed that of all the information that our brain receives 90% comes directly from what our eyes see and thus this piece of … Continue reading Trend 3: Eye Tracking