Trend 6: Smart Machines

Smart Machines are intelligent devices which use machine to machine (M2M) technology. These machines include robots, self-driving cars, self-adaptive systems and other cognitive machines. These machines are capable of making decisions on their own without any human intervention.

Smart Machines come in a two mainstream categories, physical and virtual. Virtual smart machines include Face and Voice recognition software systems.

Upcoming Technologies

1. Smart Robots

All of us have seen the very famous terminator series, a war between good and bad robots. That kind of technology and efficiency is only limited to movies till now, although robotics industry have made a tremendous progress in the last few decades. They from non existence have occupied a remarkable space in the industry and have helped us increase our production. But all the robots that are known to us are not smart robot because they need some sort of instructions to do tasks. Their functionality is also limited and they can perform a few tasks and we need different kind of robots to perform different kind of tasks.

Smart robots on the other hand will learn things on their own, they would have the ability to make decisions and do cognitive tasks. In short we can literally say that the smart robots will be able to do some sort of thinking if not like humans.



2. Self Adaptive Mechanisms and Systems

These systems will have the ability of doing self adaption to the current conditions no matter what kind of that adaption is they will do it if it is required. Many researches are being done on this concept. Many concepts of self adaptive security systems have been given and the big players like google, amazon, apple and Microsoft are trying to build such systems.

These systems will have the ability adapt some minor and major changes on their own without any kind of human intervention.


3. Facial and Voice Recognition

It’s been a subject of a huge interest and billions of dollars have been spent on making the digital life of humans secure. Many concepts were presented and the most recent developments are made in facial and voice recognition systems. Although these systems are the part of the industry for more than a decade but developments are still being made to improve their efficiency.


Impacts On Our Lives

All the developments made in ICT has somehow impacted our lives, almost each and everything that we do includes some sort of technology. The aforementioned IC Technologies have made our live easy in the following aspects.

1. Improve Our Efficiency

Smart Machines will improve our efficiency in almost everything many tasks which are manual today will be done by those machines and the man power will be able to do only those things which require man intervention. Those machines will also save our time and we will be able to spend more time with our friends and family.

2. Make Us Secure

They will make our social life secure and we will be living in a more safe and secure life. By using facial and voice recognition technology, we can eliminate many security vulnerabilities. More over facial and voice recognition can not be stolen.


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