Trend 4: The Digital Mesh

What is the Digital Mesh?

Humans are social animals, they like to connect with each other to live. They cannot live alone, since the creation of human, they started to live in small tribes and groups. In other words I am trying to say that human likes to connect with each other that is why many things like social media, internet, mobile phones were invented. If we see all the inventions from another view, we will come to know that all the inventions have connected us in some way.

Digital mesh does the same, it connects all the digital devices with a person can interact. It is a concept of connecting almost all devices together so that a mesh is formed which improves the way we live.

Upcoming Technologies

1. Argumented Reality (AR)

Argumented reality is an upcoming technology which deals with the collection of some real world data in the form of graphics, text, sound and tables. This data is used in virtual reality systems. This interconnection between virtual reality and real world data can help us improve many simulations.



2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality deals with the creation of 3-D environment which surrounds an individual person and responds to his actions in a natural manner. This environment is created using digitally meshed 3-D displays and hand tracking gloves. These devices work in collaboration with each other to make a seamless experience for the user. A VR environment can have multiple users which can perform multiple tasks at once.



3. 3-D Printing

The digital mesh has enabled us to do such advancements in 3-D printing technologies. 3-D printing can now be done using a number of devices which are working in collaboration with one another in the same work-space. It can also be done if the printers are not at the same place.

It has enabled us to make 3-D things using a number of materials i.e. nickel alloys, carbon fiber, conductive ink, glass, electronics, biological and pharmaceutical materials. It has also made it possible to make object using a mixture of different materials which was not so feasible in the past.



4. The Device Mesh

It is one of the applications of the digital mesh. All the digital devices are interconnected with each other. They can share information and communicate with one another so that it improves the efficiency of a whole system. This has improved our life in many ways and has a great impact on our life.



Impacts On Our Lives

1. Theory and Practical

Practical gives life to what we study in books and researches. It is also necessary to do things practically to master and understand them thoroughly. In short we can say that practical proves to be the soul of theory. Virtual Reality helps us to do practical of almost anythings that we can imagine by creating a virtual environment. We can perform many things.

It also finds its application in flight and other simulation, using virtual reality many pilots and flight attendants are trained. Many engineers are also trained during their internships by using this technology at very complex systems.


2. Ambient User Experience

User experience is one of the key features which are responsible for the success of any device. If user experience is not good, it becomes very difficult to use an application or anything. Digital mesh can provide use an extended and ambient user experience. A user can use an application using a sequence of steps which can last for a longer period. This user experience can blend physical, electronic and virtual devices and it changes as the user travels or moves from one place to another.



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