Trend 1: Contextual Awareness

What is general meaning of contextual awareness?

Contextual awareness means to get to know about something, get information about something in your surrounding or to know about the complete background of a specific thing, person, environment or a system. Below is a picture demonstrating awareness.


Contextual awareness is everything to live in this era. A side from ICT if you are a person who have to do some specific tasks, it would be almost impossible for you to be efficient without contextual awareness.

Now after a brief introduction to Contextual Awareness let us discus that what is meant by contextual awareness in ICT.

What is meant by contextual awareness in ICT?

In ICT contextual awareness is very important subject that is why a lot of research in being done on this. As we know that ICT includes information and communication technologies, contextual awareness in ICT means to develop such a system which is able to gather the information about its surrounding automatically and we do not have to feed it manually.

There are many other applications of contextual awareness in ICT, we have systems that detect our location, change according to the current state of weather and many more. This is a brief information about contextual awareness in ICT.

Upcoming technologies in Contextual Awareness

1. Context Aware Mobile Agent for Motivating Physical Activity: 

Now a days life has become so hectic and busy that one finds no time for himself. Everyone is busy in doing jobs and performing their social obligates. Many people work in offices where they sit and perform tasks on computers and other IT devices, all these activities are so time consuming that they do not find time to do some physical activity i.e. some enjoyment, outing or exercise. Due to lack of such activities, one may fall a prey to some physical and mental problems i.e. Obesity and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) respectively to name a few.

Context Aware Mobile Agent is a mobile application which will motivate the person to do some physical activity as it is necessary for the wellness of oneself. This application aims to send some alerts to the user based upon the context of his physical and mental health. A prototype of this application is being made and tested on different persons and it has shown a great improvement in motivating the persons to do some exercise based upon his current operation.



2. Context Aware Adaptive Production and Manufacturing Process:

To stay competitive, almost every industry has to introduce some changes in its mechanism of operation to keep pace and improve their efficiency according to the demand. In a big industry even a very small change can cause some major problems. It can alter their human resource requirement and can decrease their efficiency instead of increasing it.

To overcome this difficulty scientists are working to develop such a system which is context aware, adaptive and self organizing. It is such a system which will alter itself automatically in accordance with the requirement. If a very big change is desired, the system will purpose a number of mechanisms the change can be implemented, the most efficient and suitable process will be selected by the system via an election. This is how everyone will remain happy in the industry and will not cause the efficiency to decrease.



3. Self Driving Context Aware Cars and Auto Mobiles:

In this era, we travel a lot almost every person needs some sort of traveling to perform his duties, buy groceries, go to school and many more. With the passage of time, increase in population will cause it difficult for people to travel. This would cause a major problem in high dense countries like China, Japan and India. Being alarmed of this, scientists and researchers are working on the concept of self driving cars. The aim of this work is to develop such cars which will travel without drivers.

As self driving cars will have no drivers so they would require some sort of awareness of their surrounding, that would make contextual awareness come into action. Context awareness would be mandatory for a car if there is no driver to control it. The system in the car should have a very clear idea of its surrounding as it is very sensitive and any flaw in it can cause some serious damages.



Impacts of Above Discussed Technologies

We have discussed a very few of the upcoming ICT in this trend and now we will light up the impacts of these technologies on our daily life.

The first upcoming technology which is a mobile agent for motivating a person to do some exercise can help the person in many ways. Doing a physical activity will not only make that person healthy physically but it will also heal his mind by reducing the stress and anxiety. When a person will do exercise it will help him increase the blood circulation across his body and strengthen his immune system, it will enable him to be strong both mentally and physically. When he will have a healthy mind and a healthy body, he will perform his duties more efficiently and live a more satisfied life.

Context aware manufacturing and adaptive systems will affect the lives of many people. This system will adapt changes and will optimize the efficiency of the industry, which in turn will help the workers to be happy as there will always be some jobs available for them in the industry. Industries play as a backbone in the development of a country so a country with more efficient industries will prosper.

Self driving cars will enable almost everyone to travel anywhere. Disabled persons will also be able to travel to their desired destinations without being dependent upon someone. Old people who cannot drive, will also be able to meet their friends and enjoy their retired lives. Moreover as we know that computers don’t make mistakes, there will be a great decrease in the number of accidents resulting in a more reliable means for travelling. There will be no traffic jams and hence everyone will reach their destination in time.


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